Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shabby Apple Design Contest

Shabby Apple Dresses is holding a design competition for a modest spring collection dress, so I decided to enter a few of my sketches.

The Tulip Dress.
Description: I envision this in an earthy green shade of
olive, possibly in a silk/cotton blend fabric. The skirt was inspired by the spring tulip blossoms, and is all about the draped side seams. The sleeves have an over-emphasized shoulder.

The Yellow Bell Dress.
Description: I love mustard yellow, and I love A-symetrical neck lines. So I decided to pair the two, with some off-set vintage buttons, and a twist on the classic collar. The skirt has 4 flattering pleats, pointing slightly out towards the sides, and creating a slight bell shape.


Dani Stolworthy said...

Cute Smellers! You've sold me :)
Love you!

Nielsens said...

i love shabby apple dresses! and i think these two definitely would fit in with their style and look divine. you are so creative and talented mellers. good work! i hope you win!

douglas said...

B said I should give your designs a look and if I liked them I should vote on the Shabby Apple contest. I voted for #4 on the contest. Good work!

Rasmus Fontain said...

"I vote for dress #4"

nicbeach said...

I like this dress (#4). It is definitely a winner!!!! I vote for dress #4

Amanda said...

dress #4! :)

Elaine said...

I love it!!! It has that great vintage feel to it.


Paula said...

I vote for #4...great work! I'm very impressed!