Sunday, January 10, 2010

Going Crazy

For some reason, I tend to witness very strange things here in Utah.

1.) Last year, while walking to class, I saw a clown walking through campus with two llamas. No one around me seemed at all bewildered, and most didn't even seem to notice. And yet, I stopped walking completely, gawked my head at a slightly tilted angle, and laughed very loudly. Then, people actually looked at me funny, as if I was more strange than the gang of circus freaks parading through campus!

2.) Today, I saw a penguin on the I-15 freeway. I know it sounds like a scene out of Billy Madison, but I really saw it. I even turned around and drove by it a second time. If it didn't appear to be dead (or in a very peaceful sleep, as I like to hope) I would have captured it and kept it as a pet inside my freezer.

It looked exactly like this one, only less lively.

Which brings me to the question, why would a penguin be in Utah? And on the freeway nonetheless? I think it escaped from the Hogle Zoo (I saw a bunch of these little cuties there merely weeks ago). It must have waddled its way down to the freeway, hoping to hitch a ride back to the North Pole. So sad, so strange. Poor little penguin. I hope you weren't a stuffed animal, or I will feel really stupid.