Sunday, January 10, 2010

Going Crazy

For some reason, I tend to witness very strange things here in Utah.

1.) Last year, while walking to class, I saw a clown walking through campus with two llamas. No one around me seemed at all bewildered, and most didn't even seem to notice. And yet, I stopped walking completely, gawked my head at a slightly tilted angle, and laughed very loudly. Then, people actually looked at me funny, as if I was more strange than the gang of circus freaks parading through campus!

2.) Today, I saw a penguin on the I-15 freeway. I know it sounds like a scene out of Billy Madison, but I really saw it. I even turned around and drove by it a second time. If it didn't appear to be dead (or in a very peaceful sleep, as I like to hope) I would have captured it and kept it as a pet inside my freezer.

It looked exactly like this one, only less lively.

Which brings me to the question, why would a penguin be in Utah? And on the freeway nonetheless? I think it escaped from the Hogle Zoo (I saw a bunch of these little cuties there merely weeks ago). It must have waddled its way down to the freeway, hoping to hitch a ride back to the North Pole. So sad, so strange. Poor little penguin. I hope you weren't a stuffed animal, or I will feel really stupid.


Dani Stolworthy said...

bahahahah! WHAT??! Are you sure it wasn't a statue...?
What about the time it was 2am, we opened are door and counted 17 deer in our driveway? Or when you see that boy on campus looking at apples reciting poetry on a pedastol in a cape?

Melissa Ann said...

shoot dani! i am so glad you reminded me, i forgot about all those. haha