Sunday, January 10, 2010

Going Crazy

For some reason, I tend to witness very strange things here in Utah.

1.) Last year, while walking to class, I saw a clown walking through campus with two llamas. No one around me seemed at all bewildered, and most didn't even seem to notice. And yet, I stopped walking completely, gawked my head at a slightly tilted angle, and laughed very loudly. Then, people actually looked at me funny, as if I was more strange than the gang of circus freaks parading through campus!

2.) Today, I saw a penguin on the I-15 freeway. I know it sounds like a scene out of Billy Madison, but I really saw it. I even turned around and drove by it a second time. If it didn't appear to be dead (or in a very peaceful sleep, as I like to hope) I would have captured it and kept it as a pet inside my freezer.

It looked exactly like this one, only less lively.

Which brings me to the question, why would a penguin be in Utah? And on the freeway nonetheless? I think it escaped from the Hogle Zoo (I saw a bunch of these little cuties there merely weeks ago). It must have waddled its way down to the freeway, hoping to hitch a ride back to the North Pole. So sad, so strange. Poor little penguin. I hope you weren't a stuffed animal, or I will feel really stupid.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tis The Season

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!!

Coco discovered the Christmas tree

Christmas morning at my brother's house


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wish List

Dear Santa,

I do believe in you! And I made a wish list this year. Here it is....

1.) Grey Hooded Wrap
(Found at Urban Outfitters)

2.) White Vintage Floral Tights
(Found at Urban Outfitters)

3.)Brown Lace-Up Boots
(Found at Urban Outfitters)

4.)Metallic Jacquard Dress

5.) Black Studded Bag
(found at Free People)

6.)Red Knit Cardigan
(found at Urban Outfitters)

7.)Rodarte for Target Dress

(in Target stores and online December 20th, yay!)

8.)Snake Ring (i have a major ring fetish)
(found at the Silver Dragon Website)

9.) Ruffled Skirt
(Found at Modcloth)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for....

I love the Thanksgiving season for so many reasons.... pumpkin pie, going home to see my family, the craziest shopping day of the year, and it officially signifies the start of the Christmas season. I guess most of all, it makes me reflect on all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for. So, I thought I would compile a list of some of the things I am especially grateful for this year.

1.) Family and Friends (i love you all)

2.) Sushi

3.) My BF (seriously the sweetest guy on earth)

4.) Being young and alive!

5.) Thrift Stores (where else can you get a sweet red vintage bag and blue blazer for 10 dollars?)

6.) Day-after-thanksgiving sales

7.) Trees (they help us breathe, they are pretty, and without them we would have nothing to decorate at Christmas)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Project Runway Finale!

Last night was the finale of Project Runway - Season 6. I got worried when I turned the t.v. on to discover that the cable was out... again. But not to worry, I got it working in just a few minutes, and I didn't miss much.

From Left: Althea's collection, Irina's collection, Carol Hannah's collection
Photo: Imaxtree

I don't necessarily disagree with the judges picking Irina as the winner. I do think, over the entire season, she was the most talented designer, however, I thought she was a bit selfish and arrogant, and I don't think any of the other contestants would disagree (Logan nicknamed her "Mean-a Irina"). I guess the fashion industry isn't too concerned about how "nice" people are, as long as they can make you look good. I certainly hope being snobby and inconsiderate aren't qualifications I need to put on my resume to get a job in the undustry.... ahhh!

Anyways, I can't wait until January.... season 7!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon!

The day has finally come: New Moon comes out in theaters tonight at midnight! Sadly, I won't be able to go, but I will definitely see it before the weekend is over. I must admit I have a little bit of a crush on Robert Pattinson. I am not usually one to obsess over celebrities, but come on..... you must admit he is pretty dreamy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shabby Apple Finalist

Let me tell you a little story. When I was a young girl, I was playing on the swing set at recess, when I noticed that a ladybug had landed in my hair. Later that day, something amazing happened. I don't remember exactly what (I think I got a new Beanie Baby, and at the time... that was a big deal), but from that day on I was thoroughly convinced that ladybugs brought good luck.

So, this week, I encountered two ladybugs. I found one on my pants, and the other crawling on the lamp right above me. I knew I was bound to have a lucky week, and I guess it came true...

The results are out for the Shabby Apple Design Competition, and I am one of the top 15 finalists! So.... I know this is shameless to publicly write a blog post asking for votes, but I would really appreciate it! All you have to do is click the link below, scroll down to the bottom of the blog post where it says "comments" and leave a comment saying "I vote for dress #4"

Just click HERE to vote! Thank you, Thank you!