Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wish List

Dear Santa,

I do believe in you! And I made a wish list this year. Here it is....

1.) Grey Hooded Wrap
(Found at Urban Outfitters)

2.) White Vintage Floral Tights
(Found at Urban Outfitters)

3.)Brown Lace-Up Boots
(Found at Urban Outfitters)

4.)Metallic Jacquard Dress

5.) Black Studded Bag
(found at Free People)

6.)Red Knit Cardigan
(found at Urban Outfitters)

7.)Rodarte for Target Dress

(in Target stores and online December 20th, yay!)

8.)Snake Ring (i have a major ring fetish)
(found at the Silver Dragon Website)

9.) Ruffled Skirt
(Found at Modcloth)


DeeChuck_P said...

Just going to say that your Christmas list indicates you have impeccable taste.

Ashlyn said...
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Ashlyn said...

Hi, I just bought the rosevine lace tights but now I have no idea what to wear them with. Can u please offer some suggestions? Thank you& happy holidays!