Friday, February 20, 2009

Revenge of the Deer

As I was leaving my house tonight, I opened the front door to find a herd of deer in my driveway (frightening... i know). They were pretty much circling my car, with a look of utmost anger in their eyes. Why, you might ask? BECAUSE THEY WANTED REVENGE!

You see, two years ago I accidentally hit and killed a deer who carelessly dodged in front of my car. Clearly, this deer was a cousin of the herd that now stood threateningly before me.

Naturally, I counted them to see what my odds were. The numbers concluded: 19 deer, 1 me. So I did what any fearless girl of nearly 21 would do. I ran back inside the house and locked the door.

Eventually, the deer dispersed and I was free to leave. However, if I could speak deer, this is what I would have said, "I am sorry deer friends, for killing your cousin. I'm sure he was a valiant member of your herd. May he rest in peace."


Dani Stolworthy said...

well stated smellys.
however, let me clear up one thing: when I locked you out of the house & told you to face the deer, had you been attacked, I would have been willing to rescue you. That being said, final numbers: 2 girls to 19 deer.
maybe I wouldn't have made a huge difference...

Rachel said...

Mel, awesome blog post. Good thing you ran inside, they probably all would've charged at once.