Sunday, October 18, 2009


I know these are very long overdue, but I finally found these pictures from my latest trip to Scotland. It was such a fast trip (4 days to be exact) so I really didn't have time to sight see, or take very many pictures. Nevertheless, it was still wonderful as always! I feel so blessed to have these opportunities and experiences.

Early morning walks are not the best time for pictures, but I loved this mossy wall so much I couldn't resist.

I think this place was called the Marcliff House.

Scottish wedding's are always fun.... and a little bit crazy (take the picture below as evidence)

wayyyy too many men in skirts (Mckay will kill me for saying that)


Long layover in Amsterdam.... it was gorgeous! Just about every street looked like this.

Crazy Dutch musicians marching through the street fair on Albert Cuypstraat(Street). The best part was their stick-on facial hair. YEA MUSTACHES!

"It seems like everywhere I go, the more I see, the less I know." So true, so true. Sometimes those rappers actually do know what they are talking about.


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Melissa Ann(e) Eixenberger said...

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